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Uptown Boyband cover both sides of the coin with their latest releases, the love song, "Roller Girl", and the heartbreak track, "Blackpink".

The Toronto group, consisting of Justin Trash, Roc Lee, and Joe Rascal, deliver two fresh tracks, along with Lafic-directed videos for each one. These two tracks are a showcase of the versatility of Uptown Boyband as a group. The love song, "Roller Girl," is a light-hearted, groovy track, while "Blackpink," the heartbreak track, is much more aggressive and gritty. Lafic provides visuals that capture the moods of each perfectly. In "Roller Girl," UBB flaunts their colourful style at a roller rink, while the video for "Blackpink" is as raw as the track is. Uptown Boyband serves something for the highs and lows. Check out both videos down below and listen to "Roller Girl" in our Now You Know playlist on Spotify.

Watch the Official Music Video for "Roller Girl" by Uptown Boyband here:

Watch the Official Music Video for "Blackpink" by Uptown Boyband here:

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