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Winnipeg's Smrtdeath announces a new signing to Epitaph Records with the triumphant new single and video for "Back With Me."

Taking his biggest leap forward yet, Smrtdeath sees years of underground success pay off, signing a brand new contract with Epitaph Records. Known for their long history of working with popular punk/pop-punk, post hardcore and emo bands and artists, Smrtdeath should feel right at home. His Melancholy lyrics float perfectly over bright acoustic production in "Back With Me" resulting in a warm-hopeful outlook on the usually uncomfortable topic of getting back with an ex. Flawlessly blending 2000's and contemporary pop-punk, heartfelt retro-esque visuals from director Max Moore perfectly accompany the new single. Leading the way for the next generation, bringing pop-punk to the mainstream, we're finally seeing more and more "emo-rappers" make major moves. With this just the beginning of a new chapter for the Winnipeg artist, we can't wait to see what Smrtdeath does next. Don't miss the new video and stream "Back With Me" in our "Now You Know" playlist on Spotify.

Watch the Official Music Video for "Back With Me" by Smrtdeath available here:

Stream "Back With Me" by Smrtdeath available here:

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