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This Ottawa based hip-hop duo deliver a classic tape with 'The Misadventures of Son Rob & Greenbeard.'

Koga label-mates Son Rob and Greenbeard take it back to basics on this tape. The pair have crafted a great debut that highlights their skills and demonstrates versatility in their sound. The front half of the tape consists of a modernized boom-bap style, with Son Rob and Greenbeard dropping all sorts of unique flows over nostalgic sounding hip-hop beats. On the second half, the pair recruit Training Season and Julio Phuckboy to pepper in a few tracks with a more modern sound. The primary strength of Son Rob and Greenbeard comes from the lyricism that flows out of them throughout the entirety of this project. Tracks like "High," "Damn," and the intro, "Villians are Mad," display their unique style as well as their masterful penmanship. The opening bars of "Mf Beard" should be engraved on the walls of the Canadian hip-hop HOF. Overall, Son Rob and Greenbeard show off a great deal of talent and potential on this project, setting the bar high for what's to come. Stream this album down below and check out the track "Damn" on our Now You Know playlist available on Spotify.

Listen to "The Misadventures of Son Rob and Greenbeard" available here:

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