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[NEW PROJECT] 'The Making Of A Monster' - Jay Portal & DBLCRSS

Rapidly becoming one of the hottest rising artist/producer duos to come out of Ontario, Hamilton based Jay Portal and DBLCRSS release their third album, 'The Making of a Monster'. Having amassed over 300,000 plays over their first two projects, multiple Spotify playlist placements, and selling out our Hamilton stop of the #nowyouknow tour, its becoming obvious these two are starting to gain the attention they deserve. Riding that energy into the project, it's clear were dealing with a different Jay Portal than that of his debut project 'Hell Is Where The Heart Is'. Dealing with inner demons, flooded with uncertainty and running from past relations, we saw a Jay Portal setting out to prove himself. Fast forward to now, little after one year following that debut project and having seen the release of second, we see a Jay portal bursting with confidence, moving with authority through each track, Jay sounds in total command throughout the project. DBLCRSS has clearly refined that infectious, high-strung "Jay Portal" sound while providing new unique soundscapes to test Jay once again.

Kicking in the door with the first track "Demons" the two waste no time getting things started, broadcasting a warning to everyone that they are not afraid to get their hands dirty (or shoes bloody). You may recognize that chilling "Jay Portal" chant from the beginning of this track if you were at that Hamilton show! Carrying that "kicking you in the face" energy into the next track, Jay and DBLCRSS hit the club for a wild night out in "Fuck It Up". Continuing the party into the next day, Jay makes it clear that last night was no different from any other on the following track "Day 2 Day". Happy with who he's becoming on "Freak", Jay gets braggadocios on "Awh Yeah" as he works towards providing for his family. Not even sure whether you really want to see him in his zone, Jay questions peoples authenticity on the projects second single "Really!?". With the knowledge there's no way their competition can match them, Jay Portal and DBLCRSS finish the album with the infectious tension building standout single "No Way", leaving you with a feeling of being on edge taking you to the figurative tipping point they are at in their careers. Somewhere between almost and made it, don't be surprised to see them popping up more and more frequently throughout the rest of 2019. The only question now is where will they take us next?

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