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Janvier garçon, Dave Lost makes a triumphant return with the release of his new EP, 'See You in January'.

After a successful first half of 2019, much thanks to multiple hit singles like "Energy" and "Play This at my Funeral", as well as performing with Xavier Wulf for three Canadian stops of his North American tour, Dave Lost stepped back to build and reflect. Going as far as deactivating his socials, it's clear Dave was taking time to refine his art. Emerging from the deep freeze, the rambunctious Hamilton artist is back with his chilling new project 'See You in January'. Known for his hard-hitting tracks we see a versatility on this project unseen from Dave in the past. Bringing that energy he's known for from the first track, Dave takes things in a new direction for the nostalgia-filled "Comedown", and the seductive "Chez Parée", recruiting Ugly Tomorrow who fit flawlessly for features on both. Legendofshiloh brings his dogged presence to the project for a gritty verse on "Triggered", while Dave finishes off the tape the only dark way he knows how, with "Everything Black on Black". This EP is as blustery and unpredictable as the title, bundle up and dive in. Check out the full project down below and stream "Comedown" in our "Now You Know" playlist on Spotify!

Stream 'See You in January' by Dave Lost available here:

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