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[NEW PROJECT] 'Prestige' - Pressa

Don't miss the the latest studio album from one one of Toronto's most recognizable rising names, Pressa. The new 16-track project takes you on a ride though the neighbourhoods of Toronto as Pressa looks to shine a light on the trials and tribulations of growing up where he's from and trying to make it out. With this project comes a more refined Pressa, while still hearing the signature-style he's become known for, the sound is less rugged and more precise. With only two-features on the album from Lil Richie & fellow BFR artist Burna Bandz it's no question Pressa has a lot to say with this project. Covering numerous topics from being raised in a life surrounded by crime, questioning who he can trust, trying to provide a better life for his family and much more, Pressa looks to follow in the footsteps of previous Toronto greats as he works toward success and recognition outside of his home country.

Stream 'Prestige' by Pressa available now.

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