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Take a trip through the dreamy, euphoric world of Calgary's Curtis Waters in his sophomore album, Pity Party.

Pity Party is more than an album. Sounding like the score to a vintage teen movie, Waters' has created the soundtrack to his life. Almost as if at a retro fairground, the project takes you on a roller coaster of emotions, with Waters' openness and vulnerability all to relatable. Juxtaposed upon his own gleeful production, Curtis's combination of bright bubbly beats and melancholy writing gives a uniquely triumphant feeling to the typically tough topics he covers like self-doubt, anxiety, challenges and fears. This leads to even the lows feeling like a warm morning sun on your cheek, readying you with anticipation for the rest of the day, with the highs feeling like a hot summer's afternoon; bright, warm and care-free. It's clear Curtis doesn't want to dwell in his pain but use it as a change-agent for the future. Raw, authentic and with a truly unique sound, Curtis Waters is the voice of a new generation. Don't miss the full album below and stream "Toxic" in our "Now You Know" playlist on Spotify.

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