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[NEW PROJECT] 'Just Another Summer in Hell' - Jay Portal & DBLCRSS

Jay Portal and DBLCRSS have quickly established themselves as a powerhouse in the Canadian underground. Looking to put Hamilton on the map the two are certainly off to a good start. Just one year after the release of their first project, "Hell Is Where the Heart Is' the Glorymade artist/producer duo have made major waves throughout Southern-Ontario. From headlining the SOLD OUT Hamilton stop of our "Now You Know" tour to shutting down his hometown yet again with Glorymade's first ever "Block Party", it's undeniable the momentum these two have generated.

Looking to keep up the pace, now comes 'Just Another Summer in Hell', a fun, confident 5 song EP that gets straight to the point. At just over 9 minutes each track is essential and shouldn't be skipped. From screaming out to be heard a year ago. Portal sounds calm and collected having covered so much ground in such little time and isn't afraid to say it. From betting against his competition on "Doubt It" to knowing what he's capable of on "Before I Die" you might even hear a side of Jay you aren't familiar with on "Flex Now". If somehow you've missed out on these two over the past year, nows a good time to start paying attention.

Stream 'Just Another Summer in Hell' by Jay Portal & DBLCRSS available now.

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