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[NEW PROJECT] 'CALM' - Lowe-Fi x Sh!tAndrews!

Coming out of Hamilton and Cambridge, Lowe-Fi and Sh!Andrews! are looking to put their cities on the map and they're off to a good start. After the forming of Illegitimate Dropouts, the two have been on a tear throughout the Southern-Ontario music scene. Performing alongside the likes of Xavier Wulf, French, Top5, LB, Ching and more, as well as headlining a show in their hometown, the two have quickly built a passionate core following throughout Waterloo-Wellington.

With fans eagerly awaiting new music, after teasing it for months, Lowe-Fi and Sh!tAndrews! release their first album 'Calm'. Known for their hectic, high-energy performances, this project is a direct reflection. If you've been to the show's you've probably been elbowed or pushed over during the mosh-pits to some of the songs on the this album. The one-minute first track intro "Calm" makes it clear something big is on its way, full of apocalyptic sounds leaving the listener on edge, the second track "Storm" comes in like a torrential hurricane, destroying everything in its wake. Trading back in forth over heavy Hall production this track gets you up to pace to keep up with the rest of the project. Dealing with the seemingly growing number of encounters with untrustworthy people on "Wecantbefriends" the two keep the pace going through onto the drug-fuelled rager that is "Jansport" produced by KYNGS. Recruiting the infectious Jay Isaiah, the albums only feature, to deliver a mesmerizing hook on "Kabin in the Woods" and ShitAndrew's contemplating the better life, Lowe-Fi delivers a powerful, technical verse, rhyming in triplets, proving worldplay is no problem for this artist. Keeping this energy going it's clear the two are bursting with confidence heading into "Robert Frost Freestyle" and fan favourite "I Guess". With Sh!tAndrews! finishing things strong on the "Valley! Outro", the two add one bonus track to the project making it clear they are willing to give anything for their music on "Dieforit!". Production and mixing for the album was done almost entirely by Ill dropout members Hall & Kabin7Studios, giving the project a consistent atmosphere throughout. With the release of this latest project, upcoming merch, and a show with Comethazine March 21st, your going to be hearing these two names a lot more in the near future.

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