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Davy and Finny take you on a deep, dark trip with their new EP, Bruh...

This a textbook example of what a collab-tape should be. Davy and Finny have blended their styles perfectly to create a cohesive 6-track EP that showcases both of their skills while still being a huge step forward in their respective artistic developments. Finny's aggressive-pop punk influence meshes well with Davy's trippy, experimental approach as the pair pour their hearts out on the tape. They deliver a dark and gloomy, yet, aggressive, high-tempo sound that feels like a drug-induced trance. With traces of every genre from hip-hop to alt-rock, to punk, to 80s techno, this project is impossible to nail down. Through unique structures, beat changes, breakdowns, and 2 MC's that are constantly switching up their flows, each track takes you on a journey that leaves you some place brand new. Bruh.. is a wildly entertaining listen that presents a great deal of quality in a brief run-time. Look out for stand-out features from Angel Boy and Mawiio on the tape. Check out the droning, anthemic track, "I Can't Function" on our Now You Know playlist on Spotify and run the streams up on the tape!

Listen to Bruh.. by Davy and Finny available here:

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