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With an incredible intricacy, Teddybear weaves his way through the complex anatomy of lost love in his highly anticipated full-length debut album, Bread & Butterflies.

Setting the Canadian underground alight, few artists are as real and authentic as Toronto artist Teddybear. Keeping a cult-like Soundcloud fanbase eagerly coming back for more throughout the past few years, his raspy vocals, poetic writing and relatable vulnerability allow him to connect with his fans in ways few other artists can. Mesmerized by the idea of an album encapsulating a complete narrative, in 2017 Teddy challenged himself to "...redefine what a breakup album could be...", infatuated by the idea of, "...full albums with an intricate narrative...". Tired of the frequent trend of reliving a past relationship through music, he wanted Bread & Butterflies to focus more on the redemption arc that comes after a relationship, capturing all of the emotions that come post-breakup, and as time passes after it. Working once again with frequent collaborator, Hudson Alexander, these two have an impressive way of bringing the raw passion from a moment in time, to life in a song. Early fans will recognize the return of Cian P and Tülpa, the producers behind some of Teddy's earliest hits. Like the album name suggests, Bread & Butterflies is the metamorphosis between being broken and being ok. His unique blend of rnb, indie, pop, jazz and more allows him the versatility to dip in and out of the wide range of topics and emotions he covers on this album seemingly effortlessly, going from songs like the dark, seductive, "Memories Change", featuring Hush. to the lullaby like "Little Rain" featuring BLANKTS. Bringing in BLANKTS for duets on that track and three others, the brother/sister duo intertwine perfectly, bolstering Teddy's dynamic story with a voice for the opposite side. When a breakup happens it's easy to focus on what it is, an ending. Bread & Butterflies is all the reasons it's just a new beginning. If your not already a Teddybear fan, now's the perfect time to join the bandwagon. Listen to his debut album in full, it's worth it, and stream "Nevermind" in our "Now You Know" playlist on Spotify.

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