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With boy lonely, RUSSELL! presents an authentic snapshot of himself, his life, and his journey as an artist, so far.

Brampton, Ontario's RUSSELL! has been carving his name into the landscape of Canadian hip-hop for many years now and boy lonely fully encapsulates this moment in time for the artist. The 10-track album is a showcase of his determination, talent, and versatility. As soon as the opening track, "OLÉ," begins, it's clear that RUSSELL! is in his element behind the microphone. He raps with an undeniable confidence, indicative of many hours spent mastering his craft. As you progress through the tracks, you start to wonder what RUSSELL! can't do. From the intense "RESPEC & PROTEC," to slower, melodic tracks like "'86 buick," to classic boom-bap on "sucker," RUSSELL! checks off a lot of boxes. Despite it's versatility, the album flows incredibly well. RUSSELL! comes off the line hot before slowing things down riding out into the sunset over his more mellow cuts. This project is a wildly fun listen. With this contribution and more, RUSSELL! is becoming a staple in Canadian music. Be sure to check out the album and stream "RESPEC & PROTEC" on our Now You Know playlist on Spotify here. Don't miss the Official Music Videos for "HEADTOP" and "RESPEC & PROTEC" down below.

Stream 'boy lonely' by RUSSELL! available here:

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Watch the Official Music Video for "RESPEC & PROTEC" by RUSSELL! available here:

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