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Lowe-Fi is back with the lively new single "VV stylin'."

The big bad wolf, Lowe-Fi, returns with his first solo-track since the release of his redrum EP in early January. "VV stylin'" is a breath of fresh air in these trying times. Spongebob samples and upbeat piano riffs create a fun, cartoonish landscape for Lowe-Fi to flex his lyricism and intricate cadences. The Hamilton rapper dances all over the Cra$h beat like a pro, providing fans with much needed entertainment during this lockdown. Keep an eye out for Justin Laguff's unique style on the cover art for this track, and many of Lowe-Fi's latest releases. Stream this track down below or in our Now You Know playlist on Spotify, available here.

Listen to "VV stylin'" by Lowe-Fi here:

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