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Emerging from a bubbling Hamilton underground, Lil Ot takes a big step forward with the official music video for his catchy debut single, "First Day Out".

Ot's smooth flow floats perfectly over anthemic classical piano production from ChiChi with Ot's words painting vivid pictures of life in the streets. Recruiting director David Del Rosario to bring his words to life, the cinematic visuals match the track perfectly taking inspiration from the movie 'The Town' as Ot and his accomplices dawn Nun masks to hide their faces. With the city behind him and the hunger and skills to do it, this could be a big debut year for the budding artist. Run up the views on the video as we wait for the full release on streaming platforms and be sure to follow Lil Ot to find out what's next.

Watch the Official Music Video for "First Day Out" by Lil Ot available here:

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