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Emerging from the shadows, Freddie Dredd makes a bold return with the release of back-to-back singles, "Tool" and "Necklace."

Having not released for 7 months, the usually abundant source of music had left his fans eagerly awaiting his return while he made the transition to american living. Back now, seemingly better than ever, these two new singles give us a taste of what Freddie has been working on. Although released second, "Tool" is the perfect prequel to "Necklace". Starting the dark, brooding atmosphere that engulfs these tracks, "Tool" is a grimy warning of would happen should you cross Freddie, with "Necklace" being the story of people who have. Utilizing explicit imagery with that gritty, chompy flow is a unique staple in the Freddie Dredd sound and immediately grasps hold of your attention. A great example of this is on "Necklace", when he remixes the old nursery rhyme flow, "One step, two step,..." to refer to him, "...walking through the blood, I'm getting stuck like it's the mud...". Freddie Dredd has carved a unique path to the top by being inexorably himself and it looks like he's only just getting started. Stream both new singles down below and check out "Necklace" in our Now You Know playlist on Spotify available here!

Stream "Tool" by Freddie Dredd available here:

Stream "Necklace" by Freddie Dredd available here:

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