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Eric Reprid drops his latest single, "Palace," in the midst of his unconventional Bloom project.

Eric Reprid has drawn inspiration from completely different mediums for the roll-out of his new Bloom project. Explained by Reprid himself on Instagram, traditional album releases are outdated for underground artists. So, to make Bloom more consumable for more people, he has framed the release after the "season" format of television shows. While each track is released individually and episodically, the over-arching themes of the project are carried through week to week. This outside-the-box method is certainly innovative. Asking potential new listeners for a couple of minutes each week seems more achievable than convincing them to listen to an entire project at once. On top of that, there's a constant anticipation from current fans, knowing that there will be more heat the following week.

All-in-all, it seems like an interesting approach that we may see more artists attempting in the future. Ultimately, the success comes down to the music. We have received 6 great tracks from Reprid thus far, the most recent being the upbeat "Palace." This track has got a big, catchy hook and an energetic performance from the Vancouver MC. Tracks like this, that will satisfy fans and create new ones, are exactly what the venture needs to be a hit. Be sure to check out "Palace" down below, or in our curated playlist on Spotify, available here. And don't miss the rest of Eric Reprid's Bloom project, culminating at the end of May.

Listen to "Palace" by Eric Reprid here:

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