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Dive into the wild world of Dead Beat Posse's DOPEFA$E, with the first single off his upcoming project, 'DEATHDEALER'.

Toronto's DOPEFA$E hits the ground running with his new single "100". This track has a haunted and gloomy, yet hard-hitting sound engineered by fellow Dead Beat Posse member, DO$EY. DOPEFA$E has a distinguished style, delivering a unique sound with an authentic confidence. He recruits LA's $teven Cannon for a feature, who sounds as at home on this track as DOPEFA$E. At the 3-minute mark the track breaks down into a soundscape of cocaine references and a heated phone call. The track feels like a trailer for the album, presenting the thematic spectrum that the project will cover; hard tracks, plenty of drugs, interwoven skits & soundbites, and, again, drugs. Be on the lookout for DOPEFA$E's upcoming 'DEATHDEALER' project, and check out "100" in our Now You Know playlist on Spotify.

Listen to "100" by DOPEFA$E available here:

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