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Dave Lost links with Genom for the hard-hitting new single “Next To Me.”

In classic Dave Lost fashion, the energy levels of this track are off the charts. Lost and Genom deliver a fresh sounding, stage-ready banger with a wildly contagious hook. On top of that, each rapper drops a show-stealing verse, sure to bring the walls of any venue down. From bars on drugs and women, to references to Spongebob, grocery stores, and the classic Disney cartoon, The Emperor’s New Groove, Dave Lost and Genom cover a breadth of topics in their lyrics. While some references are zanier than others, the contagious energy of the MCs makes everything blend together seamlessly. The pair make a great team, a track like this will certainly have fans clamoring for more collaborations. Check it out down below or in our Now You Know Playlist on Spotify, available here.

Stream “Next To Me” by Dave Lost here:

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