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Galt's Be Original Group tighten their grip on 2020 with the release of the dark, brooding new single "Kill Shit".

Locked away at Kyngdom Studios in Cambridge, Be Original Group members Andre and Phil have been hard at work, putting in long hours refining their sound. With riot-inducing live performances, fans were left eagerly awaiting releases for the soundtracks to their mosh-pits.

Now, B.O.G. look to quench fans thirst with their first single of 2020, "Kill Shit". Riding haunting, anthemic production from Kyngdom's Josh Polasz, members Andre and Phil deliver menacing verses alongside the catchy, aggressive "Kill Shit" chant on the hook. Run up the streams while we wait on their debut album and check out "Kill Shit" in our Now You Know playlist on Spotify.

Listen to "Kill Shit" by Be Original Group available here:

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