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Toronto duo, Aftrprty, drops their entrancing new single, "Obsessions."

Aftrprty has a couple of EPs and a number of singles out, however this latest release sees the Toronto-based duo taking huge strides forward. It's hard to pin down exactly what genre it would fall under, but this track is a spectacle. It's a hypnotic mix of hip-hop, electronic, dance, alternative, rock... the list goes on. "Obsessions" spans so many genres it's essentially carved out a whole new one just for itself. The production is rich and completely surrounds you from the jump. Aftrprty has done an incredible job of creating a refreshing sound with this single, make sure you stream "Obsessions" like crazy. Check it out down below or in our Now You Know playlist on Spotify, available here.

Listen to "Obsessions" by Aftrprty here:

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